Selected Press Highlights

5-26-12  MMA: Inside the Cage Episode #95 (discusses "The Hammer" & "Fight Church")
5-21-12  MMA Sucka Review: "The Hammer"
5-18-12  NVFF Filmmakers Join Forces on Fight Church
4-16-12  Mixed Martial Arts Report Podcast
4-4-12  Hamill Happy with Retirement
3-9-12  Filmmaking for Social Justice: “The Hammer” Unites Deaf and Hearing Community
3-6-12  n3rds Podcast interview on "The Hammer" w/ Eben Kostbar
3-1-12  Matt Hamill and Trainer, Duff Holmes Interview (Punk Drunk Gamer)
2-29-12 review on "The Hammer"
2-29-12  10 Rounds with Eben Kostbar
2-22-12  Hamill's life captured on film in The Hammer
2-20-12  The Hammer movie delivers inspirational true story
2-20-12  Fuel TV (Action Sports Plus) covers "The Hammer"

2-14-12  CHS: The Mirror reviews "The Hammer"
2-11-12  MMA: Inside the Cage Episode #80 "The Hammer" Special
2-9-12  Matt Hamill Biopic 'Light on MMA', But well Worth Seeing
2-9-12  "The Hammer" DVD Review
2-7-12  Eben Kostbar discusses "The Hammer"
2-4-12  "The Hammer" movie will be shown in Pendleton, IN
2-2-12  Writer/Producer discusses "The Hammer" on TapouT Radio
2-1-12 "The Hammer" DVD a hit in local stores
1-31-12  "The Hammer" Movie on sale on DVD
1-31-12  Fox TV covering "The Hammer" 
1-31-12  RIT on TV: 'The Hammer' on Campus
1-31-12  Growing up Hard of Hearing in a Hearing World
1-30-12  EP Behind the Scenes on The Hammer (Part 3)
1-27-12  EP Behind the Scenes on The Hammer (Part 2)
1-26-12  EP Behind the Scenes on The Hammer (Part 1)
1-25-12  EP Dailey covering The Hammer
1-18-12  Now showing: Films rarely seen in Springfield
1-17-12  Wrestling Star Matt Hamill Returns for the RIT Premiere of “The Hammer”
1-9-12  Coming Soon: The Hammer
1-6-12  GracieMag: Source of Inspiration 
12-02-11 Mississauga Newpaper Article: Film Chornicles deaf fighter
11-17-11  Matt Hamill, The Hammer Film and UFC Donte to NY School for the Deaf 
11-17-11  Proceeds from "The Hammer" benefit State School for the Deaf in Rome
11-17-11         MMA Fighter Spirit Audio Interview with TapouT's Dan "PunkAss" Caldwell
11-15-11 Inside MMA featuring UFC star Rich Franklin discussing MMA and "The Hammer" Film

11-11-11   We Are Movie Geeks Review
11-11-11  Deaf Cactus News (Sign Language Vlog)
11-11-11  UFC Former Champion, Rich Franklin Interview
11-4-11 |  | SAG Indie Review on "The Hammer"
11- 4 -11  I  I MMAHQ Movie Review: "The Hammer"
11- 4- 11  I  I The Hammer's Story
11-2-11 I   I  I Actor Russell Harvard Interview
10-31-11  I  I "The Hammer" Movie Review
10-30-11  I          I MMA Fight Spirit Interview with Writer/Producer/Actor, Eben Kostbar
11-27-11 I  I Purple Communications Sponsors “The Hammer” – Inspiring Story of Deaf UFC Fighter Matt Hamill
10-27-11  I  I "The Hammer" about deaf NCAA champ/UFC star Matt Hamill now in limited release
10-27-11               I MMA Fighter Spirit Exclusive interview with Matt Hamill
10-26-11  Joseph McKelheer & Eben Kostbar MMA Heat Video Interview on the making of "The Hammer"
10-26-11              I “The Hammer” Hits the Nail on the Head (MMA Fighter Spirit)
10-26-11  I  I 'The Hammer': wrestling drama with a twist
10-26-11  I  I "The Hammer" Movie Opens at Uptown Theater - Utica, NY
10-21-11 I  I Filmmaker Eben Kostbar Talks About “The Hammer”
10-20-11 I  I Matt Hamill Biopic in Theaters Thursday
10-20-11 IChristianity Today Review
10-20-11 I  I Matt Hamill Movie ‘The Hammer’ to be Released
10-20-11 I  I "The Hammer" nominated for IFP Gotham Indie Film Audience Award
10-19-11 I  I Biopic on Rochester fighter begins local run Thursday
10-17-11 I  I Matt Hamill biopic film 'The Hammer' set for limited nationwide release
10-14-11 I  I Exclusive: The Dreaming Premiere “Every Trace” Video (featuring clips from "The Hammer")
10-14-11 I  I The Hammer Comes Home to Make a Music Video
10-12-11 I  I 5 Heartland heavyweights generating buzz
09-23-11 I  I D&E locks 'The Hammer' for bigscreen
09-07-11 I  I Variety Magazine recognizes "Hamill" Composer, iZLER (Discovery of the Year Norminee - WSA)
08-10-11 I   I MovieMaker Magazie interviews Oren Kaplan regarding "Hamill"

08-09-11 I  I Matt Hamil Announces his Retirement
06-23-11 I  I Hollywood Reporter recognizes "Hamill"
04-30-11 | Tonight at the Movies | Exclusive interview with director Oren Kaplan
04-28-11 | SAG Indie | Filmmaker Interview: Eben Kostbar and Joseph McKelheer
04-27-11 | Electric Playground | Electric Playground Behind-the-Scenes of Hamill
04-13-11 | Orlando | Florida Film Festival 2011 movie review: Hamill
04-09-11 | Chicago Sun-Times | Hamill fights way through adversity
04-08-11 |  | Newport Beach Film Festival: 10 to Watch
04-04-11 | The Plain Dealer | Wildly successful Cleveland International Film Festival wrapped Sunday
04-01-11 | Movie Mikes| Florida Film Festival Review 'Hamill'
03-24-11 | WEWS 5 ABC | 'Hamill' opens Cleveland International Film Festival
03-24-11 | NPR | Dee Perry welcomes the Opening Night Film
03-17-11 | OC Weekly | Fighter Flick with Good Buzz Coming to Newport Beach
03-16-11 | The Garv | Inspirational Film 'Hamill' Continues to Garner Awards
03-15-11 | HD Video Pro | Visual Translation
03-15-11 | MMA Junkie | 'Hamill' named best feature film at Miami Film Festival
03-15-11 | Las Vegas Examiner | 'Hamill' wins Audience Award at Miami Film Festival
03-09-11 | Miami New Times | Hamill Throws Down at Regal Cinemas South Beach
03-08-11 | National Endowment for the Arts | National Endowment for the Arts Interviews Catherine MacKinnon and Oren Kaplan
02-25-11 | First Showing | Oren Kaplan's 'Hamill' is a Novel and Inspirational Biopic
11-21-10 | USA Today | MMA'S Matt Hamill a hit in the cage and on the big screen
11-11-10 | Los Angeles Times | AFI Fest awards announced
11-10-10 | Schofizzy Movie Review | Review: Hamill
11-09-10 |Slashfilm | 'Hamill' Review at AFI
11-05-10 | Los Angeles Times | The Cheat Sheet: AFI Fest 2010

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