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Corstorphine residents are urged to attend a public meeting to discuss plans for a new Northcare senior living development in the village. The event takes place on Tuesday at Portobello Baptist Church, 185 Portobello High Street. The meeting will start at 3.00pm with a short presentation and then an opportunity to ask questions.

The plans by Northcare elderly care Edinburgh are for a 60-bed luxury care home and five assisted living apartments. The development is situated at the corner of St John’s Road and Manse Road. If consented the project will address identified demand for care beds within the area and exceed expectations by offering a high-quality care home facility.

Residential Care in Edinburgh: Finding the Best Options

A residents’ amenity space and activity room will be located on the top floor of the building. Extensive glazing and an external terrace will allow residents to enjoy the views across the city towards the Pentland Hills. The building will also include a hair and beauty salon and cafe/brasserie with commercial units available for rent.

The proposed facility is being developed by Northcare (Scotland) Ltd, an award-winning operator of care homes. A planning application will be submitted to the City of Edinburgh Council in April 2024. A PAC report will accompany the application, confirming what community consultation took place and a summary of how any feedback was incorporated.

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Toronto Corporate Law Firm: Your Guide to Business Legal Services

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Football Analytics: Using Data to Gain Insights into Performance

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